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Sarva Sakshar Foundation is a grantee of the Google for Nonprofits Program

SSF is featured on Maharashtra Times on International Literacy Day 2012

A tribal village girl, Shevantha, taught how to read and write all the Marathi alphabets using Guruji to illiterate ladies in less than 40 days

In less than a month’s time Rahul learned to write complete sentences

SSF is working at 2 construction sites of Kolte-Patil

SSF is already educating more than 500 people in less than 8 months

SSF is working with ICDS, Govt. of India teachers to improve class efficiency

Data from two consecutive periods shows a significant improvement in students’ skills

SSF is imparting literacy to HIV+, construction site, slum and tribal children, Govt. and Pvt. school students and illiterate ladies

SSF has deployed Guruji at multiple locations in and around Pune

SSF has developed a teaching methodology to reduce learning time using Guruji

Sarva Sakshar Foundation – An IIT Alumni initiative

Aimed at enhancing literacy and primary education level among urban poor and rural communities…more

SSF has developed an E G E methodology to make literacy simple…more

Spreading Literacy using Guruji

Guruji is operated using a TV-like remote eliminating need for a highly trained teacher
Guruji teaching Saksharta

  • Supports four languages English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati
  • Draws and pronounces numbers and alphabets Vs printing them
  • Enables learning how to read, write, count, add and subtract
  • Once fully charged runs on battery for more than 20 hours….more

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